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12 beauty subscription boxes that are actually worth the hype

January 20th, 2021

More than a decade ago, the first subscription boxes started and they have since grown immensely, offering consumers a unique option of buying stuff without even having to choose.

With beauty boxes leading the way, the subscription box industry is here to stay. As one would expect, it’s mostly millenials who are already subscribers, but baby boomers are not completely unfamiliar with them. In fact, a high percentage of the latter is planning on subscribing to such services soon.

But why are subscription boxes so popular?

Well, in a world where everyone is too busy to go shopping or even shop online, these boxes come in handy to consumers who find a selection of products on their doorstep every month without having to spend time at the store or eshop.

Of course, the fact that these services save you money is a key factor. Let’s not forget that all these boxes contain products that cost much more than the monthly fee.

Below, we have compiled the 12 most popular beauty boxes that are worth your money. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

1. Fine selection of goodies: My Inspo Box, $29.99 bi-monthly

The box in question sends subscribers over $125-$200 worth of premium products for only one-third of the price every month. From bubble masks, scented candles, to notebooks and thermos, these boxes contain amazing products that will inspire the receiver. What makes the My Inspo Box so great is its’s wide variety of items ranging from products for lifestyle, wellness, beauty, home and more.

Most other boxes stick to one main ‘theme’ for each box, but the My Inspo Box contains a wide variety of products that consumers will actually use. The best part is that each box contains anywhere from 5-7 full-size premium products for just $29.99! Why have mini samples when you can get the full size?

If you sign up today the current month’s box will be shipped out to you within 24 hours. After that, you will get a new box bi-monthly, which will be shipped out on the 11th of the month.

Customers rave about the product saying,

“I ordered the August/September box and I was so impressed with it. It arrived quickly and they packaged everything up carefully so nothing would break. I am not a coffee drinker, so I did not use the coffee. However, I gave it to my mom. I am excited about the rest of the items. I really appreciated the free hair masks I received with my box. Reasonable price and fast shipping! 🙂” -Robyn C.

Check out some of their past goodies here.

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My Inspo Box Source: My Inspo Box

2. For lash lovers: Lashy Box, $13.99

They say the eyes are the window to one’s soul. If you love making your eyes pop, then this is the subscription box for you. Lashy box gives customers multiple different subscription boxes to choose from starting at $9.99.

There are five different boxes to choose from:

  • Full Size LashyBox ($13.99): For the lash lover that wants to try it all, this is the box for you. For just $13.99 you will get 3-5 premium quality and reusable pairs of lashes a month. This box gives you the chance to try a variety of new products and brands worth a $50-$80 value.
  • The Drama Box ($12.99): If you love bold lashes, this is the box for you. The Drama box contains 3-4 super dramatic styles that range from 22mm-28mm Mink, Faux Mink, 3D Silk and more.
  • LashyBox XL ($24.99): For ultimate lash lovers there is the LashyBox XL, which contains 5-6 pairs of premium reusable lashes along with 3 full-size makeup items a month. These additional items will consist of makeup items, such as lip and face items, tools, and/or bigger makeup palettes.
  • Soft Glam Box ($13.99): For those who prefer a more natural-looking lash, check out the new soft glam box. This box contains 3-5 pairs of natural-soft glam lashes with additional extras like makeup and/or tools.
  • LashyBox Mini ($9.99): If you only need a couple of pairs of lashes this is the box for you. In it, you will receive 2-3 luxury level lashes ranging from silk, mink, Korean synthetic hair, natural hair, and more.
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Lashy Box Source: Lashy Box

3. Fashion and beauty: Fab Fit Fun, $49.99 billed quarterly

These subscription boxes come to you every three months. You can pay on a quarterly basis or subscribe for the whole year and prepay all four boxes. The Fab Fit Fun boxes contain eight products each, and they can be fashion items or beauty products.

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Fab Fit Fun Source: Fab Fit Fun

4. Beauty surprise: Glossybox, $18.00 per month

This subscription sends you five new products to try every month. Old subscribers comment how good the products delivered to them were, and they point out that they are mostly high-end products making the subscription fee worth it.

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Glossybox Source: Glossybox

5. Affordably luxurious: Boxycharm, $25

For only $25 per month, a box containing $110-worth of products arrives at your doorstep. Each box contains five different full-size products for you to try out and enjoy. The website also offers discounts for members, as well as exclusive products through giveaways.

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Boxycharm Screenshot Source: Boxycharm Screenshot

6. Personalized beauty box: Ipsy, $12 per month

Thanks to a beauty quiz that the subscriber takes when they first visit the website, the company has the opportunity to send them personalized beauty and skincare products for a low price on a monthly basis.

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Ipsy Screenshot Source: Ipsy Screenshot

7. Top selection of items: Birchbox, $15 per month

Each month, five products are hand-picked by beauty experts, aiming at helping subscribers find the right stuff for their routine. These are deluxe samples, so that the subscriber has the chance to try them without wasting a full-size product in case they don’t like them.

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Birchbox Source: Birchbox

8. Make-up and skincare: Allure Beauty Box, $23 per month

Every month, six or more make-up and skincare products are delivered to your door. At least three of them are full-size, and the best part is that they cost at least $100 in total.

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Allure Beauty Box Source: Allure Beauty Box

9. A variety of products just for you: The Box, $24.99 per month

For a low monthly fee, 5-7 full-size products worth about $150 are delivered to your door. The products vary from scrubs, facial masks, and serums, to eyeshadow palettes and foundations, and they are totally worth it.

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Fashionista Screenshot Source: Fashionista Screenshot

10. New beauty brands: Test Tube, $29.95 every other month

The Test Tube editors discover new beauty brands and make sure the best of them arrive at your door at a low cost. Unlike other boxes that come to you every month, this one is sent bi-monthly, but the luxury items you receive are worth the wait.

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Beauty Box Screenshot Source: Beauty Box Screenshot

11. Monthly gorgeous treats: Macy’s Beauty Box, $15 per month

Once subscribed, you’ll be getting a chic pouch for your make-up items, 6 deluxe samples to try on, and a $5 discount on your next purchase. Then, every month you’ll be receiving samples of brilliant new products to test and decide whether they’re worth buying.

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Macy's Screenshot Source: Macy's Screenshot

12. A brand you trust: Walmart Beauty Box, $5 per season

Everyone knows Walmart and how it’s committed to bringing the best quality items to you at affordable prices. The Walmart beauty box sends to you a selection of beauty samples to try out every season.

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Walmart Beauty Source: Walmart Beauty

Ready to start your beauty box subscription?

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