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10 of the best cooling pillows for side sleepers with incredible advantages while sleeping

January 13th, 2021

Pillows…more important than you think

Like millions of other people, you probably don’t think about the important role your pillow plays in getting a good night’s sleep. But if you wake up sore and tired, there’s a good chance it’s because you aren’t sleeping on the right pillow.

The proper type of pillow promotes healthier sleep, full rest, and body recovery. Of all the vulnerable parts of the body known to experience pain along the spine, the neck ranks number one, according to the American Chiropractic Association. So, if you want to reduce upper body pain, you need proper support while sleeping to keep the spine properly aligned.

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For starters, the height of your pillow matters significantly since it positions the body while you sleep. To balance the weight of the head, the neck is curved and slightly tilted upward. That’s the position you want to maintain. With a pillow that’s too high, the neck will bend forward or move to one side. If that happens, you could experience obstructed breathing and begin to snore. A pillow that’s too low puts pressure on the neck’s muscles, leading to discomfort.

When shopping for a new pillow, you want to stay with one that’s between four and six inches high. That’ll improve your sleep and air circulation. The type of pillow also depends on your typical sleep position, whether back, side, or stomach.

If you sleep on your back, choose a pillow that provides optimal support that goes from the base of the neck to the head. That’ll greatly reduce any risk of stressing or twisting your neck. If you sleep on your side, you want a pillow that provides support from the top of your shoulders up. Now, if you’re a back or stomach sleeper, you need a pillow that supports your neck but also one that can adjust if you roll over to your side during the night. So, select one with the correct thickness to prevent straining your shoulders.

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Cooling pillows offer some incredible advantages. They’re designed to prevent heat retention so you always have a cool surface. These pillows also increase airflow, they’re breathable, and they’re moisture-wicking.

The following are the top 10-rated cooling pillows for 2021. Each of these has been carefully tested by both experts and consumers. This list starts with the best pillow to promote comfortable and healthy sleep.

1. Say Goodnight Memory Foam Pillow for Side Sleepers: $54.99

Developed by Dr. Oz, the Say Goodnight pillow is the best produce available. This memory foam pillow contours perfectly to the head, neck, and shoulders while sleeping, and keeps the spine properly aligned. Unlike standard pillows, this one says the coolest thanks to two cool infusions. One is activated charcoal derived from sustainable bamboo and the other is a solution called CoolRelax.

The standard Say Goodnight pillow has different pillow types for stomach and back sleepers but there is also an option for people who sleep on their sides. This plush pillow provides excellent support, especially for pressure points. Also, this pillow is made with SilverScience threads woven into the TENCEL cover. These threads inhibit bacteria for a hypoallergenic surface.

The Say Goodnight pillow comes in both standard and king sizes. And it’s backed with a five-year limited warranty. Depending on the Say Goodnight exact pillow and source of purchase, the price ranges from $35 to $140.

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2. LIANLAM Shredded Bed Bamboo Cooling Pillow: $39.90

A key benefit of the LANLAM memory foam pillow is that by adding or removing foam filling, it’s customizable to a person’s As a gel-infused pillow, it maintains a neutral temperature all night. Made of 40 percent bamboo-derived viscose rayon and 60 percent polyester, it’s highly breathable. This pillow is also flame-retardant, hypoallergenic, odor-free, and the outside cover is machine washable. Unfortunately, some buyers felt it was too firm.

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3. Qutool Cooling Pillow: $47.99

Made from shredded memory foam, this cooling pillow is height adjustable, and it works best for side and back sleepers. Made of 40 percent bamboo fiber rayon and 60 percent polyester, it’s ideal for people with allergies. It repels moisture and it’s breathable. As part of the five-year warranty, this pillow is guaranteed to never go flat. The only downside…to maintain the cooling effect, the manufacturer recommends using the pillow in conjunction with a fan.

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4. TEMPUR-Pedic Cloud Pillow: $56.99

The TEMPUR-Pedic Cloud pillow is soft with a low profile. Based on its design, this pillow works great for all sleepers. The memory foam contours to every person’s head, neck, and shoulders, creating customized comfort. The knit cover is breathable, soft, and machine washable.

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5. Ghostbed Luxury Memory Foam by Nature’s Sleep: $65.00

The Ghostbed pillow is designed with ice fabric, which naturally adjusts the surface temperature throughout the night. With a cool burst airflow technology, the cooling effect occurs immediately. It’s also engineered to wick moisture, and with an ergonomic design, it adjusts to the head and neck for optimal spinal alignment. The downside…one side of the pillow has the Ghostbed emblem that can interfere with sleep.

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6. Sepoveda Ventilated Cooling Pillow: $26.99

For all sleepers, this cooling pillow is a good bargain. This gel-infused memory foam pillow increases breathability and comfort and comes with a hypoallergenic cover. For ideal support, it’s calibrated for each individual’s needs. Even after regular use, it maintains its firmness and shape. The only complaint… some people feel it’s too soft.

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7. Weekender Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow: $29.99

This cooling memory foam pillow is soft yet supportive. It provides excellent pressure point relief and it’s super comfortable. The gel infusion keeps the surface cool, its ventilation maximizes circulation, and the removable cover is machine washable. The one negative aspect… it doesn’t offer adequate height.

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8. Coolzon Down Alternative Pillow: $26.99

Made of 100 percent polyester, this pillow comes in a pack of two for a nominal price. The microfiber stuffing provides good comfort and support. This pillow works for all sleepers, prevents shoulder and neck stiffness, and has a machine washable cover. The only drawback… it doesn’t have a superior cooling effect.

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9. Utopia Premium Plush Pillow: $22.99

Utopia cooling pillows also come in a pack of two for an affordable price. Filled with plush hollow fiber, they’re soft but also supportive. They’re designed to contour to the body naturally, giving the head, neck, and shoulders adequate support. The quality cotton blend cover is breathable and easy on the skin. There are some downsides… some people believe this pillow isn’t as firm or thick as people would like.

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10. Milemont Orthopedic Contour Pillow: $32.99

Made of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent Tencel, this cooling memory foam pillow is ergonomically-designed, providing good support to the head, neck, and shoulders while keeping the spine aligned. Using CertiPUR-US certified premium memory foam as the base, it automatically adjusts based on the pressure of the head and neck. The one drawback…it starts to flatten over time.

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