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Research shows farting in front of your partner can actually improve your relationship

June 9th, 2021

When you’re around the person you adore, letting one rip might just be the last thing you’d want to do. It’s one of those things that “crush” culture had us believe to be a universally embarrassing thing. So definitely don’t fart around your partner too, right?

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Well, I would’ve thought so too.

People aren’t that simple. Heck, they never are, right? But such a thing as farting around your partner might not be the rude thing that you think it is.

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Some marriage and relationship experts tell us that farting might be an overlooked way to build more trust. Much like crying around your partner, sharing secrets, or keeping secrets, it’s a surprisingly useful tool to let them know you trust them.

And just like with fuel-efficient cars, a little gas can go a long way.

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Don’t believe me? Take it straight from family and marriage therapist Dr. Gary Brown, who spoke to HuffPost :

“It’s a healthy sign that you are comfortable enough with each other to pass gas.” – Dr. Gary Brown said

It’s all in the stigma around passing gas. Farting is, frankly speaking, gross and obviously smells. Never mind doing it around your crush or partner. Letting one rip in public or around certain friends is plenty awkward enough as is.

No one wants to be around that when it happens, and no one wants to be the one who dealt it either.

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Andrea Piacqaudio on Pexels Source: Andrea Piacqaudio on Pexels

But isn’t it part of trust-building to show your vulnerable, embarrassing side? Of course it is, and that’s why many relationship therapists say to go for the gas. It might be a smelly, sure. But it’s one unconventional way to let your partner know how much you trust them.

This doesn’t mean it’s always a greenlight to pass gas around your partner, though.

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If they tell you themselves that it gets on their nerves a bit when you do it on purpose, then it’s probably time to stop.

Kurt Smith, another expert who spoke to HuffPost, urged the same caution and consideration about farting around your partner. It’s flattering that you trust me enough to fart around me, sure.

But when you start doing it on purpose, that’s not really the same thing anymore.

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What’s the point of building up all that trust, only to purposefully annoy them and cross their boundaries? Let’s be as clear as possible here, the takeaway point is “It’s okay if you happen to be around your partner when you fart”.

Don’t read this article and take it to mean “You should go out of your way to fart around your partner as much as possible”.

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Surely, your partner and you are plenty mature enough to understand boundaries.

To put it simply, the trust-farting hack isn’t going to do anything if you’re crossing boundaries in the first place.

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Nevertheless, don’t curl up into a ball of shame if you happen to let one rip around your partner. They’ve probably seen you do a lot more embarrassing things. They’re not gonna think any differently of you just because you’re a bit gassy.

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