15 “life hacks” that are so bad we had to laugh
Let's all leave the advice to the professionals.

There are so many life hacks out there, and plenty of them are real stinkers.

But do you know what’s great? Pro tips that were designed to be bad. If you just set out to give bad advice, then it turns out you’ll occasionally sound clever.

See what we mean by scrolling through these 15 crappy life hacks:

1. Oral health

No one likes being told they’re in for a long cleaning when they go to the dentist.

And while this isn’t the answer, the dentist will probably get a kick out of your efforts.

2. Test case

Well, to be fair, if your kid is young enough, no one is ever going to mention it.

Just make sure you don’t get photos of this they can use as blackmail later on.

3. Actual bad advice

Yeah, don’t do that.

4. Cutting calories

I mean, TECHNICALLY, this is true. Taking food off takes away calories. We just think those might be the kind of calories you want.

5. Release the wolves!

Turns out wolves could potentially solve a lot of problems.

You just have to weigh that against all the new ones they’d create.

6. Time on your hands

Wow, even the font hurts with this one.

7. Nice and spikey

To be fair, no one wants to be touched on public transportation. But sometimes a hard turn makes it inevitable. So stabbing them with your vest might not be the best idea.

8. Mind the rules

To be fair, this will give you just as much of a chance as running away, depending on the animal.

The worst part about this advice is that animals tend to LOVE things that hit the ground.

9. Little Lizzie

Well, that’s just hilarious. We don’t think a little girl would appreciate it, but she can always change her name, right?

10. Gift grab

Yikes, talk about greedy.

Still, it’s kind of funny if you think about it.

12. Let misery pay for itself

Finding a job you love isn’t always an easy alternative. Sometimes you have to cry it out – might as well do it on the company time.

13. The long game

There’s no way this would work, but that doesn’t mean we’re not tempted to try it.

But don’t most of those items have dozens of pieces or more? That’s a lot of emails!

14. The life hack is implied

This might be a good life hack if you want a divorce. Otherwise, keep the gas away from your family.

15. Well, that’s kind of cute

While we don’t advocate making things harder for your spouse, sometimes to open the lines of communication, you have to close a few lids.

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By Jessica
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