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51-year-old beauty expert shares 10 easy anti-aging secrets all woman need to look 10 years younger

May 25th, 2021

“Excuses are useless. Results are priceless.” – Ziad K. Abdelnour

It’s always nice to see women who look beautiful, but it’s even amazing to be able to see women grow old and be more attractive.

When we see matured women who still look beautiful and fit, we can’t help but envy them.

However, people who do would often make excuses about themselves, as well. We can say it’s because they have the budget, or maybe she has a good doctor to take care of her.

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We can also blame the kids or our workload, and ultimately, our budget. But is this the kind of mindset that we should be entertaining?

We can all be beautiful.

Believe it or not, there can be so many ways to retain our youthful glow without spending anything!

If you don’t believe us, we will share a video that we found from news anchor and YouTube influencer, Dominique Sachse, last 2017.

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In the said video, she talks about the top 10 anti-aging secrets that will be effective and won’t even break your bank.

These tips may look too good to be true.

Yet, if you learn how each one works then you would understand how these 10 tips can make a huge difference in your life.

Let’s start reversing those years.

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Add layers to your hair

When we grow old, we must pay extra attention to our hair. Aside from keeping it healthy and moisturized, we also need to choose the right haircut. Depending on the shape of your face, hair color, and length, you would be able to find the best hairstyle for you.

Go for a shorter haircut, choose a color that will compliment your overall look, and of course, add those gorgeous layers!

Why it works?

As we age, it’s best to add layers to our hair. It gives us an instant glow-up look.

Getting the right haircut will give you that instant facelift. Try it and you will see how it can dramatically change your looks.

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Go lighter with your makeup

As women mature, we need to change how we apply makeup.

If you are used to smoky eyes and dark red lipsticks, then it’s time to let go. As we age, we need to choose subtle and lighter colors. We don’t want to pile too much color on our skin.

Not only does it look unhealthy, but it will make us look really old.

Why it works?

If you aim for that subtle no make-up look, you will look younger. It will make you look fresh, vibrant, and of course, young.

A soft-colored pallet is much more pleasing in the eye. It also gives you a youthful look.

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Source: Pexels /Ketut Subiyanto

Get a good night’s rest

No matter how many anti-aging products you are using, if you don’t get enough rest or sleep – it won’t work. Sleep is very important.

We already know that, right? So make sure that you get enough sleep so that your body will recover, and it will make you look years younger.

Why it works?

Did you know that our skin repairs itself and even produces collagen when we sleep? Aside from that, our body repairs itself during these hours.

So if you have enough sleep, you will wake up healthier and younger.

Sleep is always your best friend. It’s the most restorative way to hold on to your youth and beauty.

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Invest in your body. This may be one of the most common tips that we get. Sadly, we neglect the fact that we only have one body.

We need to take care of it. If you do, then you will not only look younger, but you will also feel younger.

Exercise is a must.

Why it works?

As we age, we need to do more exercise because we lose muscle mass. If you know the proper workout for you, then you will see how much it can change you.

Not only will you look amazing, but you will also be healthier.

It’s very sexy to see a mature woman who still has nicely defined muscles. It’s the result of dedication and discipline.

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Watch your posture

Most of the time, we neglect our posture. It’s seldom that we see this tip but if you analyze it, you would see how important it is.

If you fix your posture it can dramatically change how you look.

Pay attention to how you sit, walk, and even stand because you don’t want to look like a Panda, right?

Why it works?

Sit up straight, stand and walk with your back straight. Not only does it look youthful, but it is also very nice to see proper posture.

It elongates you, makes you look thinner and sexier, plus, your body serves its purpose. Our backs aren’t supposed to be bent over, that’s just wrong.

Make sure you do exercises that focus on your posture and you’ll see how much it will help. As a bonus, you will feel better and those backaches will be gone.

Your posture is very important. Practice sitting and standing up straight. It’s not only youthful, but it helps your health as well.

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Lose some weight

We have heard of how we should accept our body and love it. There is nothing wrong with that. However, it’s also nice for us to be mindful of ourselves.

If you feel that those extra pounds are keeping you from being your best self, then lose those pounds!

Why it works?

By setting a goal and committing to it, you are already taking care of your body.

Be aware of your diet and exercise and you will see how much it can do to you. If you watch what you eat and you know how to maintain a good lifestyle, then your body will appreciate it.

Be mindful of your body. Focus and shed all those excess pounds.

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Hydrate and exfoliate

We can’t stress this enough. Water is life and water is very important. In fact, it is one of the best ways to look younger.

Drink and hydrate yourself. You will do your body a huge favor by doing so. Remember, focus on the inside and you’ll see how it works on the outside.

Why it works?

Your skin will rejuvenate if you are hydrated. Your skin will regain its glow and you will have supple skin if you are well hydrated.

As a bonus, exfoliate. This will help remove all those dead skin cells and will make way for the new and healthier skin.

Take care of your skin inside and outside. Water replenishes your body and your skin remains hydrated. Exfoliate for maintaining healthy skin outside.

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Get yourself a bomber jacket

Do you own a bomber jacket? If you do, then use it! If not, then it’s time to get one for yourself.

Learn to mix and match with clothes and you will see how much it can reverse the aging process. Ditch those boring oversized t-shirts and baggy pants!

It’s time to look your best!

Why it works?

It works because it goes well with everyone. You can wear it and your kids could wear it too.

Pair it with a dress or just a plain white tee and jeans, and you will look younger and stylish.

Bomber jackets are trendy, youthful, and sophisticated. It can definitely slash years of your age if you know how to carry yourself with a bomber jacket.

So, how much did we spend with those 8 tips? Basically nothing, right?

Now, get ready for the last two tips that will definitely make you look younger.

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Practice your faith

Stress and worry are some of the top reasons why we age so fast. We worry about everything every day, but can we help it? It’s basically a part of life.

However, there is one thing that can help us – our faith with God.

If we learn to practice our faith with God, we will learn to let go of things that we can’t control.

Why it works?

Once we learn to let go of the things that we can’t control and learn to surrender to God, we give way for peace of mind, optimism, and even hope.

“We are not in control of everything.” So welcome our Lord in our lives and surrender your worries to him.

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Nurture your relationships

Love is the center of our relationships. So, what better way to stay youthful than to nurture the love that we have for everyone.

Our relationships give us joy, they make us feel better, they fill our hearts with laughter and happiness, and of course positivity.

Why it works?

If we let go of all toxic people and just appreciate the positivity of healthy relationships – wouldn’t we be happier?

The love and the memories of beautiful relationships fuel us and give us happiness. This happiness radiates to our physical looks as well.

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All of Dominique’s tips make sense. If you learn to master and make each one a habit, and then learn to do everything together, do you see how much it can change your life for the better?

We don’t need so much money to stay happy and youthful.

There can be so many ways to do that, and all of these things, will not just make us youthful, but will also fill our lives with joy.

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Let’s watch Dominique share her top 10 secrets to staying beautiful and youthful.

Which one is your favorite, and if you have another great tip to share, please comment.

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