10 people who show us why our funny friends are the best friends

Friends that laugh together tend to be closer. That’s why it’s always good to make a few ridiculous friends.

Whether they’re being goofy, making jokes, or just saving us from a sticky situation with humor and grace, our funny friends are the ones we need to hold onto.

If you have a friend like one of these 10 people, be sure to send them a message today and tell them how much they make you smile!

1. Lending a hand

Her cousin’s boyfriend proposed, but the bride-to-be didn’t have her nails done.

Luckily, the cousin stepped in to assist. She helped them to make the perfect proposal photo.

What a gal!

2. Bringing balance

Imgur - gonianTaker
Imgur - gonianTaker

Well, when your friend is this kind of world-class napper, you really only have one choice. Prove it to them by stacking things on their head and photographing it for posterity.
Frankly, we’d want to know if we were capable of this kind of greatness.

3. Always a bridesmaid

A good friend knows how to keep the attention on the bride throughout her special day. A GREAT friend knows how to add some levity to the whole situation so the wedding photos go viral.

4. Irreplaceable

My best friend was sad I left Active Duty, so he made a new best friend

A man was sad that his best friend left active duty in the military so he made himself a “replacement.” He sent along these photos to show his pal that he was getting along ok without him, but that no human could replace him.

5. From a distance

This man is such a good friend that he video chatted with his buddy while at the game so that they could both watch it together. It’s like they’re sitting right next to each other, even though they’re hundreds of miles apart.

6. Keeping things in perspective

Always make friends that bring you cake. Keep the ones that know age is just a number.

7. Rad grannies

Matching glasses, getting their fitness on, and striking a pose?

Yep, that’s a group of friends we want in our lives, for sure!

8. Sad to see you go

I am moving cross country in three weeks, and my friends threw me a going away party. Some are handling it better than others…

Have we mentioned how much we love friends who express themselves with cake?

This one is a going-away gift that’s the right kind of snarky. This person will be missed.

9. Now THAT’S what friends are for!

A friend who will change into your booty shorts so you can wear something decent to your lab class is next-level.

10. Friends find a way

Friendship Finds A Way

These two friends managed to still play games together even though one of them was in the hospital and wasn’t allowed to have visitors in the room. They are a great example of friendship and what it means to be a good friend.


There are all sorts of “good friends,” but some people really go the extra mile to make things more comfortable, pleasurable, or just downright ridiculous.

After all, that’s what friends are for.

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By Jessica
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